5 BEST ways to grow your brand on Instagram organically (2020 update)

The sudden changes that COVID-19 has brought to the world have forced brands to make Social Media their primary focus. Instagram for business recently reported that 36% of small businesses are now conducting all their sales online that leads us to a very fundamental question; how?

How to grow your Instagram organically in 2020?

A platform that was once created for people to connect and share their images is home to every single brand today. That being said, the internet is filled with content from countless brands that are using the same hashtags trying to convert their content into sales. This gives birth to the idea of standing out and being heard.

How are global brands growing on Instagram?

If we look at mammoth brands like Nike and Adidas on Instagram, we can clearly see that they are creating content for the people rather than turning their feed into an online store. We can find them talking about issues like racism, women’s rights, etc. Food for thought is why are they doing it?  either for publicity? for a social cause? or as a part of their CSR? No, they are doing it to build a connection with their followers. They have become a central part of peoples’ lives and have given an impression of a close acquaintance whom people can follow.

Here are the 5 best ways to grow your Instagram organically in 2020:

Create meaningful content: People love to see content that has a meaning they can connect to. Meaningful content can be anything from a current issue to a motivational quote. The trick here is to create content that people can relate to and they feel so connected to it emotionally that it’s a shareable post for them simultaneously the challenge here is to make it look professional and appealing as it would be the direct representation of your brand. This may sound tough but in reality, it is the easiest thing. All you have to do is to find a topic you want to highlight and talk about it in a neutral & attractive tone that not only makes people tap it but also share it.

A present-day example of such content is our unfortunate post about the recent tragic plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan which showed our solidarity, grief, and concern about the affectees and their grieving loved ones. This piece of content was for the people and about the people hence, it became a part of peoples’ lives for days and was frequently circulated.

Interact with your followers: Nobody wants to follow a self-centered and un interactive profile that keeps blowing its own trumpet. If you want someone to follow you, you have to give them a reason by creating such content, and interacting with them through their content which in turn will invite them to interact with yours whereas the recommended duration is a minimum of 2 hours a day for interactions. All you have to do is become a vital part of your followers’ lives to create an urge for frequent posts on both sides it will turn your brand into a friend and whatever you speak or post about will become word of mouth.

Use relevant Hashtags: There are countless hashtags on Instagram that may get a lot of exposure but not every hashtag is meant for your business. People tend to report unrelated posts on certain hashtags that give a negative impact on your brand and make you feel desperate for attention. The trick here is to only use the hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your content even if the exposure is low. On the other hand, if you find some hashtag that is famous, go the other way around and create a piece of content that can work with that hashtag. At the end of the day, patience is the key!

Regram content to connect: Another way to build your brand’s presence is to regram (re-share) great content by the people you follow. There is no harm in sharing great work from others while giving them adequate credit. This is a very helpful trick as it connects you with other brands and their followers as well thus providing more engagement driving from the content you re-share and most importantly, it gives your brand a friendly persona.

Let people generate content for you: Last but not the least, there is nothing more powerful than the content that is produced by the people for you. If you are a brand that sells a product, encourage buyers to post a review about their purchase online that will generate word of mouth and give you positive content free of cost. This type of content is natural and believable. All you have to do is to re-share the content they created for you with a nice thank you note and sit back to see the magic!

Conclusion: When it comes to growing your Instagram organically in 2020, your products should not overwhelm your profile rather your content should stand behind your brand and should be purpose-built for the people. It should have something to comment on and share with friends. What are the chances of you buying a product recommended by someone you know well versus a product that randomly appears on your newsfeed that you have never heard of?